The way to sync display of advertising display and phone

The way to sync display of advertising display and phone

Advertising machines are used for information distribution and are divided into indoor LCD advertising machines and outdoor LCD advertising machines, so the principles in achieving synchronization between cell phones and screens are different.

The content update of outdoor advertising machines is often done through the advertising machine content management platform. The content management platform needs to input the update strategy in advance on the platform management side, and then update in batch through the network, and its updated content cannot be synchronized in real time, but can only store the updated content inside the advertising machine in advance, and then play it in a certain time order.

The way to sync display of advertising display and phone

The way to sync display of advertising display and phone

The content synchronization of indoor advertising machine is relatively much simpler, only a wireless screen casting device is needed to complete, when you need to update the content of the advertising machine, you only need to synchronize the cell phone with the wireless screen casting device for a message content can be.

Cell phone wireless projection advertising machine

1、Connect the wireless screencasting device through HDMI cable.

2、Integrate the wireless screencasting device into the company network.

3, Android cell phone [multi-screen interaction] – automatic search for devices – select the wireless screencasting device – cast screen success [this time the phone and advertising machine is synchronized display].

4、Apple phone [Airplay screen mirroring] – automatic search for devices – select wireless screencasting device – successful screen casting [this time the Apple phone and the advertising machine is also synchronized display].

The synchronous display of LCD advertising machine and cell phone

The difference between indoor and outdoor LCD advertising machine

Difference 1: Different technical requirements

Indoor advertising machine is mainly used in a relatively stable indoor environment, the function is not so powerful compared to outdoor advertising machine, the brightness is only in the normal 3-400, do not need to do special protection treatment. While outdoor advertising machine in the outdoor environment, need to meet the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, lightning, anti-corrosion, anti-biological; brightness should be high enough, generally 1500-3000 brightness, in the sun can see clearly; can withstand high temperature and low temperature, etc., in the harsh environment can also operate normally (such as: high temperature, low temperature, high wind, etc.); Fourth, the outdoor LCD advertising machine power Large, need a stable power supply. So there is a big difference in the structural design and assembly of the whole machine.

Difference 2: Different cost

Indoor advertising machine because of the use of a stable environment, does not require special requirements, so the cost is relatively low. The outdoor lcd advertising machine requires to be able to work normally in a harsh environment, so the protection level and requirements are very high, the cost will also be very high, even the same size indoor advertising machine several times the price.

Difference 3: Different frequency of use

Indoor advertising machine because mainly used in indoor, will follow the normal rules of commuting time to run, generally speaking, if the store will stop working after work, the applicable time is short and frequency is not high. While outdoor LCD advertising machine needs to be able to achieve all-weather 7 * 24 hours non-stop operation.

LCD advertising machine and the synchronous display of cell phones

Difference four: the use of different scenarios

Indoor advertising machines are mainly used in superstores and buildings, while outdoor advertising machines are mostly used in intelligent electronic bus stops, community electronic reading, outdoor garbage can advertising machines, etc. Therefore, relatively speaking, the application of indoor lcd advertising machines is simple, while the application of outdoor advertising machines is complex. And the operation mode between these two is also different. Outdoor advertising machines are mostly used for municipal construction needs, while indoor advertising machines are mostly used for simple media needs.

Warm Tips.

When we need to cast the cell phone screen to the vertical advertising machine and other similar screens, we will find that the general wireless screen casters are not ideal in terms of screen casting effect. Because the existing wireless screen casting equipment are 16:9 a display, and vertical screen these advertising machine is 9:16 display ratio, so you need a professional vertical screen, advertising machine special wireless screen casting equipment, otherwise the width and height of the display is asymmetrical.

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