How to take a picture by projecting the screen into the TV?

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How to take a picture by projecting the screen into the TV?

         Apple Airplay mirror screen, screen of mobile phone by bringing itself even if mirror mode, that is to say we are not using any of the equipment, under the condition of any software, as long as the TV support apple mobile phone screen, it can be done (close test: our TCL TV support iphone directly screen, and then screen after successful, open the video camera function).
Since Android phones can’t mirror the screen directly, they need to use wireless presentation devices.

The tutorial is as follows:

        1. Connect AWIND wireless presentation TV set via HDMI cable;
2. Plug in the network cable to the wireless presentation system and connect the mobile phone to the WIFI of the router (let the mobile phone and the wireless presentation be on the same LAN);
3. Turn on the wireless projection screen on android phone (or use ESHOW software), and then turn on the built-in screen image on iPhone and connect to the ID of the wireless presentation system. At this time, the image of mobile phone and TV will be displayed;
4. Turn on the camera or camera on the mobile phone, and the camera or camera can be synchronously displayed on the TV. (Mirror projection is the simultaneous display of a mobile phone and a TV, so as long as it can be displayed on the mobile phone, it can be displayed on the TV).

Apple Airplay mirror screen


      Android mirror screen has no sound. This is an Android decision, I won’t explain. At present, neither wireless presentation hardware nor wireless presentation software vendors have solved this problem. If you want to have a voice, you need to transmit it over Bluetooth, not screen it.
While shooting while throwing screen, if it is better to match with a professional camera, mobile phone is usually used to play, formal occasions, professional camera while shooting the scene, on the other side of one or more large screen synchronous display is now more commonly used in business activities.

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