Strong interactivity is the direction of wireless projection

Strong interactivity is the direction of wireless projection

If all you need is a phone projector to watch TV, then a conference projector is not practical for you. If you need a wireless projector in a professional conference room or multimedia classroom, please read on.

After consulting the price of professional wireless screen investment device, most users will complain that the price is too high, and the price is only a few dozen yuan for some platforms. What are the advantages of the conference projector? Today I would like to introduce to you: “Wireless projection strong interactive is the direction of development.”

AWIND wireless projection basic functions: 1080P wireless projection, supporting Android, Apple, Windows, MAC, camera and other devices as the transmitter for wireless projection, receiver as long as there is HDMI or VGA or can install the receiving software smart devices. But these basic functions of knowledge, the majority of users value or its strong interactivity, wireless sharing collaboration, demonstration and other targeted functions.

Scene 1 The Windows computer and surface are reverse-controlled on the large screen

When we share content of computer onto the big screen through the wireless projector, as long as the big screen has touch function, we can operate on the big screen, so as to reverse control the Windows computer and surface.

Scene two Multi-screen simultaneous display

There are two modes for multi-screen co-display of wireless projection. One is the common sending terminal for multiple devices, which generally supports 4-screen multi-screen co-display. On the other hand, multi-screen simultaneous display on the receiving end can easily display the pictures of 1-4 sending end devices on 15 large screens synchronously through multicast on the wireless projector, which can be operated freely.

Scene 3 Mirror projection screen, full screen with one click

Because the display proportion of mobile phones and pads is different from that of regular large screens, we need to use the full-screen function with one key when mirroring, otherwise the display proportion will either appear black edge or overflow, which will affect the effect of the presentation in the conference room.

Scene 4 Multi-screen interaction

In some special occasions, in addition to the demand of the screen to show more, users also need to use more screen interactive features, such as common: the computer screen to the big screen, and wireless users are likely to need to the big screen’s handwritten notation operations such as synchronous display content in the rest of the mobile phone, pad, PC, laptop, large screen…

Conclusion: After years of development, most of the basic screen projection functions can meet the needs of users, but the difficulty lies in the specific program requirements of meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms. Therefore, strong interactivity of wireless projection screen is the development direction.

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