The steps of the mobile phone projection into the projector

The steps of the mobile phone projection into the projector

With the rise of mobile phone software, some of our work, especially some solutions made by solution companies, need to be demonstrated to customers, sometimes in a conference room, the operation process needs to be demonstrated on the projector, how to operate, the following content may help you!

Wireless sharing solution

Hardware preparation:

AWIND wireless projector, projector, mobile phone (Android, Apple not limited).

Steps to project the phone into the projector:

  1. The wireless projector is connected to the projector via an HDMI cable
  2. When the mobile phone is connected to WIFI of the wireless projector, AWIND wireless projector is equipped with AP hotspot. The default hotspot name is the device model and the default password is 12345678.
  3. Open ESHOW or the built-in wireless screen projection on android phones (called multi-screen interaction on some phones); The iPhone opens its own screen image; And then connect the wireless projector ID.
  4. Simultaneous display of mobile phone and projector.
mobile phone projection into the projector

Tips: If you often need to come to the customer demo, AWIND wireless projector is only 300 (g), the volume is not big, easy to carry. If you are a frequent customer to visit the company, AWIND machine wireless projection connected to the projector, the user from the connection to the projection of the whole process in a minute, convenient and fast, barrier-free communication.

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