Solutions of conference room wireless display

      Some netizens wrote privately:” When training, everyone needs to watch the projector. In fact, everyone has a computer. If the screen of the speaker’s computer is displayed on everyone’s computer desktop, the projector will not be needed in many cases. It will be convenient and will avoid seeing not clearly. Is there any way?

one-to-many screen-casting

    The editor’s reply is as follows: “ We (AWIND) currently have a set of wireless presentation device that can wirelessly project the speaker’s computer on the projector, and allow 15 computer screens to receive at the same time. If there are more than 15 persons, it needs to build a dedicated multi-screen interactive server. It will support 100 computer receivers by the dedicated multi-screen interactive server.

Multi-screen display

Put a speaker’s computer to project wirelessly on the projector and simultaneously synchronize it on 15 computers.

Hardware preparation: multi-interface switch, gigabit network( this kind of multi-screen synchronization is very fast or simply called the company’s intranet.) AWIND wireless video conference system ( sender USB button+ receiver box), 16 computers( speakers +participants), VGA cable or HDMI cable( upon the interface of the projector), several network cable( the network cable is used for connecting the computer and the projector), and the power supply.
1.Hardware connection
Fix the wireless presentation system next to the projector and connect it with an HDMI cable or VGA cable.
2.Build the local network
Use the network cable to connect 16 computers and the switch, the receiver box of the wireless presentation system, and the switch.
3.Computer software download
No matter it is a computer or a notebook, there is no signal input interface. I want to receive other computer signals, only it applies software. Here need a VLC streaming player. We can download the player on the VLC platform.
4.Speaker’s computer screen sharing
Insert the sender USB button of the projector into the speaker’s computer, and wait for the indicator light to turn on, press the button, and then the speaker’s computer wirelessly sharing the screen on the projector.
5.Computer synchronization connection
Open installed VLC streaming player on the other 15 computers, and choose the receiving signal( connected to the projector).
6.Realize the user’s needs
The speaker’s computer is not only sharing on the projector but also the computers of 15 participants can be synchronized by the above operations.

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