Smart meeting solutions make meeting simple and efficient

Smart meeting solutions make meetings simple and efficient

Meeting is something that companies do every day, and it is an unavoidable work content. Usually, we use projectors and conference tablets as large screens for conference sharing. When we use wireless presentation system, the purpose is to improve the efficiency of conferences.

AWIND intelligent conference solution, for the purpose of efficient communication, wirelessly transmits the display screens of mobile phones, pads, notebooks, and computers to the large screen for sharing and presentation through wireless presentation system. Hand over the complicated meeting preparations to the presentation system, leave more thinking to the burst of inspiration, and experience a more intelligent and efficient meeting experience.

The software and hardware integration capabilities of the wireless presentation syetem can integrate the preparations before, during and after the meeting.

Pre-meeting preparation: We only need to use an HDMI cable to connect the wireless presentation system host to the display screen, turn on the power and we are ready for the meeting;

During the meeting: we only need to plug the sending end of the screen caster into the laptop, press the screen cast button to cast the screen, no extra operations are required, and it is easy to use; Android phones and tablets also only need to set—-More connections—-Wireless screen mirroring—-The ID of the screencaster is enough; Apple mobile phones and Ipads can also use the built-in [Screen Mirroring] to quickly cast the screen.

After the meeting: The screencaster comes with a one-click save function. We can give it a name and share it with WhatsApp, Facebook and other sharing software.

AWIND was established in 2003. As a 19-year-old commercial wireless presentation system manufacturer, screen mirroring is only a prerequisite. What we really focus on is wireless sharing and collaboration. Handwriting and annotation functions on the large screen, multiple mobile phones and computers are displayed on one display screen synchronously, and multiple mobile phones and computer images are displayed on multiple display screens……

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