Smart Education Leads New Changes in Education System

Smart Education Leads New Changes in Education System

Description: Education is a top priority for the country. Education does not only rely on schools and teachers, but also on parents, and the combination of campus education and family education. Smart education is a big data platform for teachers and parents, through which traditional education is reformed and innovated.

Smart Education Leads New Changes in Education System
As the state attaches great importance to education informatization and vigorously promotes it, the scale of schools is rapidly expanding, the number of students is increasing, and the level of schooling is gradually expanding and extending, forming a large scale education system and student scale such as multi-disciplinary and multi-campus. Traditional manual management, stand-alone applications, “information silos” and other rudimentary management models and management tools have become increasingly unsuited to the development of the school, the school management departments need to spend a lot of time and energy to ensure that student management, enrollment, employment and other work is carried out smoothly. More and more “information silos” between various departments, complicated integration and coordination of teaching resources and other issues have become a real challenge in the development process of the school. In this context, Puhua provides schools with total solutions such as education data center platform construction, smart campus platform construction and school-enterprise integration professional construction.

Smart education leads new changes in education system The development of education informatization has brought about significant changes in the form of education and learning styles, and promoted education reform. It has had a huge impact on traditional educational ideas, concepts, models, contents and methods.

Education Smart Parent is an important part of national informatization, which is of far-reaching significance for transforming educational ideas and concepts, deepening educational reform, improving the quality and efficiency of education, and cultivating innovative talents, and is an inevitable choice for achieving leapfrog development in education.

  Education Smart Parent

Smart education leads new changes in the education system

Under the recommendation of the Central Education and Education Center of the Ministry of Education, the guidance of the National Center for Collaborative Innovation in Education Informatization, and relying on the advantages of talent and technical resources of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Qiji Education is rooted in the education smart parent industry and has completed a series of national, provincial and municipal informatization projects. Awind education cloud platform has the first market share and ranks as the industry leader.

Education wisdom parent is the most scientific education concept in the contemporary 21st century, advocating the use of wisdom to educate children, which is a trendy trend in the future development of education and a strategy to develop the wisdom education industry.

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