Share to the tablet when the computer wirelessly casts a large screen

Last time there was a user consultation: “The desktop computer wirelessly projects the screen to the big screen, writes and annotates on the big screen, and then synchronizes the content of the computer screen and the handwritten annotations to the Android tablet.”

I briefly asked two questions: “How many big screens are there and how many tablets are there?”

The reason for asking this is because the AWIND wireless projector currently only supports the synchronization of the screen of one computer to 4 large screens, while a wireless projector only supports wireless connections of 6 tablets and mobile phones.

After a detailed connection, it is learned that the user only has one tablet and about 30 tablets.

Then the solution given is: 5 sets of AWIND odd machine wireless screen projectors are needed.

Connection method

1. Turn on the multicast function of the wireless screen projector, and connect to the same router (switch) through a network cable to perform a multicast (the multicast function comes with the device, just turn it on);

2. Connect any wireless projector to the big screen via HDMI cable;

3. Plug the USB button of the sending end of the wireless screen projector into the computer, and press the button after 5-10 seconds after the indicator light turns on green. At this time, the computer is synchronized with the big screen.

4. Android phones and tablets are connected to the wireless projector through the Eshow software (the supporting APP for AWIND’s wireless projector), and the Apple phones and tablets are connected to the wireless projector through the built-in screen mirroring (one projector is connected to 6 mobile phones, flat). At this time, the big screen is synchronized with the screen of the mobile phone and tablet.

AWIND has been doing professional wireless projection for 17 years and has a wealth of experience in wireless preparation. The company has online technology and online customer service and provides users with free projection questions. Welcome to consult.

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