How to set the computer screen to the projector without sound

How to set the computer screen to the projector without sound

“Whether our device is connected to the projector with a VGA cable or an HDMI cable, if it is connected with a VGA cable, there is no sound, because the VGA cable cannot transmit sound!”

User: “HDMI cable, 3.5mm audio cable, projector still no response.”

“There is a 3.5mm audio output hole behind the wireless projector. You can use it and put the headset on. If the headset has no sound, then it is our equipment problem!”

”User: “The headset doesn’t make any sound. Is that a device problem?”

“If you use your mobile phone, apple phone will first connect to the WIFI of our device, and the default password is 12345678. See if there is sound in the screen casting. Android phone will download the APP according to the standby interface and then cast the screen.”

User: “The mobile phone has a voice.”

“Do you use a desktop computer? Desktop computer needs to be audio output Settings can be, Win10 computer right click volume icon, sound, play, select the output route in this option – speaker!”

”User: “OK, have a voice, I play first, have a problem to contact again.”

To sum up, the computer projection into the projector has no sound due to the following factors:

  1. The setting of the computer itself (in this case, the audio output setting of the desktop computer);
  2. The cable is HDMI, and the VGA cable does not transmit sound (in this case, the sound does not matter whether the VGA cable or the HDMI cable is used, because the 3.5mm audio cable is used, which only matters if the TV is not connected to the audio cable).

Note: The screen of Android phone has no sound

The core design idea of The Android security architecture is that, under default Settings, all applications have no permission to operate on other applications, systems or users. This includes reading and writing private user data (contacts or E-mail), reading and writing other application files, accessing the network or blocking the device from standby, etc. The most important function of a mobile phone is voice communication. Android system fully considers the security of the phone’s voice, so it does not allow other applications to obtain the phone’s voice data, so as to ensure that the call is not intercepted. For this reason, when our mirror program is running on the mobile phone, it is considered as an unsafe third-party application, so the phone voice cannot be acquired. As a result, there is no voice on the Screen of Android phone.

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