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How to Mirror TV to Watch Movies on a Laptop

Some netizens sent a private message on facebook, how to cast a screen  sharing pc to a TV to watch movies. It is relatively simple to cast a laptop to a TV and watch movies. Although our AWIND machine is mainly used as a screen sharing device for business conference rooms and multimedia classrooms, I can only project at home to watch movies. Here are several screen sharing methods that I use every day.

Laptop WiN10 system (of course other systems are also available), AWIND wireless presentation, TV

How to Mirror TV on Laptop


Use HDMI cable to connect the wireless presentation host and TV;

  1. Project the screen locally

Find the video source directly, right-click to play it to the scre

  1. Projection network TV

The Youtube TV and Station B that I often use do not support direct DLNA projection from the computer to the TV. Maybe I will not use it. If you know how to push the video from the PC to the TV, you can share it. So in general, I directly expand the screen. In extended mode, the computer is fine as long as it is not turned off.

Under the extended projection screen, the computer screen and the TV do not interfere with each other. I use it a lot and I like it more. There

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