Timely feedback, remote interaction, to create interactive teaching

Timely feedback, remote interaction, to create interactive teaching

To achieve the teaching model of the teaching primarily to give priority to learn the teaching mode, create a vivid and active classroom atmosphere, AWIND odd machine screen more interactive teaching methods based on the wireless screen classroom interaction, and do not need to download a dedicated APP, by capturing the screen topic content, can be in the form of radio, multiple-choice, q&a WeChat answers scan QR code, submitted, after the background data statistics, analysis, can be real-time rendering, interactive results from the classroom test results can grasp the students’ learning effects, a clear understanding of the student’s mastery of knowledge points, It provides a reference for teaching remedy, teaching strategy and adjustment of teaching schedule.

Smart education system

System background automatically records the student answering a question the situation, can realize the teaching process of big data real-time acquisition, provide data for the teacher survey report details, data report, including each question correctly, each student’s serves, the performance of the whole class summary, analysis of the students’ overall learning state, and the answer is warning to the student, to realize the process of students’ learning evaluation.

The wireless projector is used to realize two-way projection and screen sharing between device screen and intelligent terminal, and two-way synchronous operation is supported, so that multimedia teaching content display is no longer limited to the computer screen, and teaching interaction and teaching resource sharing become more convenient.

The system provides real-time interaction between multiple people based on the Internet and the LOCAL area network. Encrypted and open interactive space can be created according to teaching needs. After joining the interactive space, real-time operations such as voice, file, and writing can be realized. In the process of interaction, it supports multiple people to operate the software at the same time, and the members’ voice, writing, and files will be displayed on other people’s screens synchronously, so that teachers and students in different places can share knowledge through whiteboard and realize real-time interaction and collaboration through audio, just like being in the same classroom, which breaks the space and time limit between classrooms.

AWIND has been engaged in wireless sharing and collaboration for 17 years and is committed to creating a multi-screen interactive teaching scheme belonging to the current smart classroom. To meet the needs of smart classrooms for timely feedback, remote interaction, and interactive teaching.

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