Which screen mirroring or TV box is more worth buying?

Which screen mirroring or TV box is more worth buying?

Which screen mirrorer or TV box is more worth buying? Before choosing, let’s first understand what these two things can be used for. Nowadays, “utility is king”, things that are not used frequently, even if they are cheap, are the biggest waste.

Which screen mirroring

Conference, education wireless screen mirror

TV box: It also has a screen projection function. We can use the mobile phone to project the screen to the TV to watch TV; then the box can also install third-party software TV APP, or watch TV.

Screen mirroring: The screen mirroring is simply a cross-platform wireless sharing and collaboration device. Divided into home screen mirroring device, conference screen mirroring device, education screen mirroring device. Compared with the TV box, the screen mirror is relatively simple. It is so simple that nothing can be installed in it. It is only an intermediate device. Because of its simplicity, it is widely used in business meeting rooms and multimedia teaching.

Conference and education wireless screen mirror: Take AWIND wireless screen mir

1. Multi-device connection: 4-screen wireless screen mirrors are more popular among users, because four devices can cast screens at the same time, allowing data comparison and analysis. And the background supports 128 people to connect at the same time, and there is a background management program. In some debriefing reports, after the previous speech, we can automatically or manually select the next person to continue the presentation. Namely: A user’s screen will automatically appear on the big screen after the demonstration of A is finished, or user C’s screen information can be manually selected.

2. Screen counter-control: When we project mobile phones, tablets, computers and other screens on the big screen, we can write and annotate on the big screen, so as to demonstrate as we want.

Conference, education wireless screen mirror

3. Multi-screen demonstration: Through the multicast function of the AWIND wireless screen mirror, we can display the screen of one device on multiple display screens, and support up to 16 large screens to display simultaneously.

4. Support remote conference system: AWIND’s wireless screen mirror can be connected with most current remote conference systems. When we have a remote video conference, we can use wireless screen mirroring and cameras to display the pictures of the conference room of both parties on the big screen.

Conference, education wireless screen mirror

5. Demonstrate while shooting: Like some large-scale activities and multimedia experimental classrooms, we can use cameras, high-speed cameras, mobile phones, etc. to shoot while simultaneously displaying the captured images in one or

wireless screen mirroring

More than one person is displayed on the top.

6. Remote broadcast: Push the captured pictures or meeting pictures to the designated platform via cloud service or company LAN. The rest of the users only need to open the APP receiver or enter the receiver IP address to watch it remotely. Remote broadcasting is mainly used in online courses and remote video conferences on mobile terminals.

Conference, education wireless screen mirror

As a professional cross-platform wireless sharing and collaboration device, the wireless screen mirror has many advantages. Although it cannot bring its own resources, it has better compatibility and security.

Which screen mirroring or TV box is more worth buying?

Again, “practicality is king”. If it’s just for watching TV at home, it looks like a TV box is more suitable. But for business meetings, multimedia teaching and other fields, professional wireless screen mirroring equipment has a better stage for display. AWIND is a manufacturer of wireless screen mirroring for 17 years, focusing on multi-screen interaction and wireless sharing and collaboration in the “business and education field”.

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