Problems and solutions for popularizing the teaching of screen mirroring technology in 2020

The application of screen mirroring technology in school classrooms 

Screen mirroring technology is also called the same screen technology, screen sharing technology , and multi-screen interaction technology

Specifically, the screen of mobile device A (such as mobile phone, tablet, computer) is displayed on another device B (such as projector, conference all-in-one tablet, computer, TV) in “real time” through a certain technical method ,

The output content includes various multimedia information such as albums, videos, audios, etc., as well as the real-time operation screen on device A.

According to the same principle, the content of device B can also be displayed on device A., the content of device B can also be displayed on device A.

screen mirroring technology

Screen mirroring technology in the classroom

Problems and solutions for popularizing the teaching of screen mirroring technology 

Although screen mirroring technology is so magical and easy to use,

But we found that most of them appear in training or entertainment occasions,

And not many really enter the classroom teaching, and only a few “playful” teachers will try to use it.

What is the reason? There may be the following three aspects.

1. Cognitive problem

Thought determines action.

If you do not keep up with your mind, you will not be able to face these new technologies and new ideas with the correct attitude,

and the same is true for screen mirroring technology.

Many teachers nowadays have become Internet celebrity teachers because they dare to try and practice.

We have reason to believe that soon more educators will join the team to research and practice new technologies.

2. Cost issues  

The principle of projection technology is not complicated, and there are many related protocols and ways.

However, in order to ensure the stability and safety of classroom projection,

Most of the current software cannot meet the demand, so we have to resort to wireless projection devices.

Because of the large number, the funds required are also considerable.

However, the service life of the hardware equipment is relatively long, and it is rotated every “five years”.

Even if a projector is more than one thousand yuan, it is only a few hundred yuan per year on average.

Screen mirroring technology in the classroom

3. Network environment issues  

There are many inconveniences in hardware connection, so wireless projection is still the first choice for teachers.

However, most classrooms now do not have wireless network coverage,

And even wired networks may not necessarily achieve “class-to-class communication”

Therefore: We recommend that qualified schools re-transform the school network,

Install wired or wireless networks in each classroom, form a campus LAN, and combine with professional Is a very good choice,

No matter which classroom the teacher goes to class Easily connect the mobile phone to the TV, computer, and all-in-one to achieve screen projection.

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