AWIND A-900 monitor room dedicated screen mirroring devices without wifi

AWIND A-900 monitor room dedicated screen mirror

The AWIND A900 wireless screen mirror is an adaptive 4-split screen display when the signal source is 1-4, and when the signal source device is 5-9, the display screen automatically changes to a 9-square display. AWIND A900 positioning is a professional wireless screen mirroring device in the monitoring room.

screen mirror

AWIND A-900 monitor room dedicated screen mirror

Connection method:

1. Connect A900 to the monitor room display screen;

2. Bridge the HDMI small electronic into the company LAN [mostly wireless bridge];

The wireless bridge operation is divided into two steps:

The first step: Plug the HDMI electronic device into the receiver box of the projector, connect the network cable to the company router, and give each HDMI electronic device a static IP address in the background of the router.

Step 2: Then open the background of the wireless screen mirrorer (the background URL is at the bottom of the screen mirror, the same as the router), copy the IP address assigned by the router to the device, and close the original DHCP, save, and launch. Need to repeat the setting several times [each HDMI IP must be independent].

3. Plug the HDMI transmitter into each surveillance camera;

4. The pictures taken by each surveillance camera are synchronized on the monitor in the surveillance room.

AWIND A-900 monitor room dedicated screen mirror

The AWIND wireless screen mirrorer supports video cameras, high-speed cameras, mobile phones and other video equipment, which can project on the big screen while shooting.

In terms of interface, the AWIND A-900 projector is equipped with 1xVGA interface, 1xHDMI interface, 1x network interface, 1×3.5mm audio interface, 1xUSB interface, 1x12V1A power interface to support the input of multiple signal sources.

Multi-screen interaction: Odd machine A-900 supports multi-screen interaction. The maximum number of simultaneous access sources is 16 channels, and there are 9 display sources at the same time. When multi-screen, the definition of each screen is 4 screens: 1920X1080/screen, nine screens: 1280X720 /Screen. Audio sharing can be done while there is a picture:

⑴, screen sharing, the computer has no sound, the display terminal automatically shares the sound;

⑵ When multi-screen sharing, there will be no sound mixing, and the last shared screen has sound;

⑶, in multi-screen sharing, after the last shared screen exits, the sound of the previous screen will be automatically shared.

⑷, the sound source can be switched arbitrarily in multi-screen mode.

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