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Description: Today, The phone is already smart. We often use phones to play games and watch movies. Sometimes when watching a movie, You may think the screen is too small and want to watch it on a big screen. So, how to wireless screen mirroring from mobile phone to computer?  Awind screen mirroring devices will briefly introduce the screen mirroring method from mobile phone to computer . It only takes three simple steps

Today, The phone is already smart. We often use phones to play games and watch movies. Sometimes when watching a movie, I feel that the screen is too small and I want to watch it on a big screen.

So, how to wireless screen mirroring from mobile phone to computer? Awinder will briefly introduce the screen mirroring method from mobile phone to computer. It only takes three simple steps

screen mirroring device

Screen mirroring from mobile phone to computer

1. Screen mirroring your phone to the computer in 3 simple steps

<1>. Download MirrorOp Presenter

Download MirrorOp Receiver and install the software on your Windows or Mac computer.

<2>. Connect to the computer

Android phones can be connected WiFi. (Note: that the phone and computer must be connected to the same WiFi.)

<3>. Screen mirroring successfully

After the connection is successful, You can mirror videos, photos and other media screens played on your phone to the computer monitor for viewing on a large screen.

screen mirroring devices

Awind screen mirroring devices

2. In what application scenarios do we need to use Awind wireless mirroring screen devices to help you mirror your phone to your computer for shcools?

<1> Mobile phone screen to explain Internet content

Now Whatsapp is not only a messaging tool, many work content will also be delivered through Whatsapp. It is common for teachers to exchange teaching methods, teaching content, and assignments through Whatsapp.

Therefore, in many cases,Therefore, in many cases, teachers need to show the teaching content to students through WhatsApp.

What to do? Awind can solve this problem easily.

First, Awind screen mirroring devices can access the school’s LAN, and then establish a connection with the WhatsApp server; the teacher scans the QR code on Awind, downloads the “mirrorop” software, and opens the software to connect to Awind to display the contents of the mobile phone.

Because Awind is connected to the Internet, teachers can easily browse the Internet content, and the content in WhatsApp can also be opened at will.

<2>Teacher mobile teaching

In order to observe the learning status of students, teachers usually need to walk around the classroom.

Then the problem arises:  The teacher cannot always control the display content of the projector . Awind fully considered this problem when designing and solved this problem .

During class, Connect the teacher’s mobile phone to Awind and install a “mirroropreceiver” software on the mobile phone.

The software can mirror the content of the computer wirelessly projected to the projector to the teacher’s mobile phone, and the display area of the mobile phone can be fully mapped to the projector’s display area.

Therefore, when the teacher is operating on the screen of the mobile phone, it is equivalent to operating in the projector display area.

The operation information is transmitted to the wireless projection computer in the reverse direction, thus realizing the teacher’s control of the projector or display during the movement. Complete control of the equipment, and then control the content of the lecture.

It is important to note that this feature of Awind screen mirroring devices are great supplement to the performance improvement of the projector, which expands the maneuverability of the projector and gives the projector powerful interactive capabilities, which can compete with the projector.

So, this is also a big contribution of awind to the projector.

<3>Student taking class notes

In class, the teacher projected the carefully prepared PPT onto the screen, turning the pages while speaking. Lots of content, short time, there are a lot of key content for students to take notes.

But there is a problem. Many of the projected contents are graphs, and the students cannot mark the graphs in a short time.

What to do? Awind has a webslides function, specially designed for this. First let Awind works normally, install the “mirrorop” software on the teacher’s computer, and And wirelessly mirror the screen to Awind, and Awind connects to the projector for display.

The students can directly log in to the Awind background to enter webslids through the browser of a mobile phone or tablet, and then receive the content projected by the teacher and save the screenshot.


The above is a simple analysis of the problem of mirroring the screen from the mobile phone to the computer and the application scenarios suitable for schools.

There are many ways to mirror the screen from a mobile phone to a computer, but the easiest and most stable method.

Awinder recommends using awind’s wireless mirroring screen device to mirror the screen to the computer.

It only takes three simple steps.

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