Screen mirroring android to tv

Tutorial on how to cast your screen mirroring android to TV

Description: We often use mobile phones or IPads to watch TV, but we all feel that it is not as cool as watching TV. The larger the TV screen, the more enjoyable it is to watch TV. So how can I cast the information on the phone screen to the TV? Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.

  1. There are two ways to cast your phone to your TV!

This screen-casting software is called Musiccast Screencasting. It can realize one-click sharing, and any mobile phone content can be cast to the large TV screen, whether it is audio-visual entertainment or document teaching. You only need to connect the mobile phone and the TV box to the same network to watch the movie. Note: The mobile phone and the device to be projected must be in the same network environment.

Apple mobile phone articles:

Method 1: Apple mobile phone comes with screen mirroring function, open the phone, call out “Control Center”, find “Screen mirroring” or “Airplay”, click the button, you can see the list of required devices. Just select the device you want to mirror.

Method 2: Install the latest version of LeBao screencasting on the TV through the Sofa Butler. Apple mobile phones can implement screencasting by installing the LeBroadcasting screen app. First install the latest version of LeBang Mirroring, and click on the connection status bar at the bottom of the mobile phone. , expand the device list, and select the device that needs to be mirrored to connect.

Android phone tutorial:

Install the latest version of LeBao Screen on the TV through Sofa Manager. For Android phones, you must first download the LeBao Mirror Mobile APP, then open “LeBao Mirror” on the mobile phone, and select the device you want to connect from the connection status bar at the bottom. . After the connection is successful, a “mirror” button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Set the button to on to realize screen mirroring.

二.Teach you how to cast your phone screen to TV

Android phone:

  1. Search, download and install the mobile phone in the major application markets. After the installation is complete, turn on the “Music Show” on the TV, and the “Music Show” on the mobile phone. The mobile phone and the TV must be in the same network environment.
  2. In the mobile client, click “TV” to select your TV name to connect, after connecting, you can see the screen of your mobile phone on the TV.  iPhone:

1.The iPhone must be iPhone 5S and above, no need to download any software, and must be in the agreed network environment.Swipe up on the phone, open the control center, click “AirPlay” in the control center, and then click the name of your TV to connect to the TV.

2.After the connection is successful, the screen of the mobile phone can be projected to the TV in real time, whether it is playing games or watching albums, it is a kind of enjoyment.

  1. Wireless connection According to the network conditions, the screen may have different degrees of delay, especially when playing games or watching videos, so the router must not be in other rooms.

三. How to cast the Apple iPhone screen to the TV?

Now the screen mirroring function of mobile phones is very common, and Apple mobile phones have certain operational differences compared to screen mirroring and Android mobile phones, and some TVs do not support AirPlay mirroring. The following three methods introduced by Qiji can specifically introduce how to cast the iphone to the TV. Let’s take a look at the operation steps.

method one:

  1. First, put the smart TV and iPhone in the same local area network.
  2. Turn on the phone, slide your finger up from the bottom of the phone screen, pull out the “Control Interface”, and click the “AirPlay” option in the “Control Interface”
  3. In the interface of the “AirPlay” option, find the ID of the smart TV you want to connect, and turn on the “mirror” switch of the device
  4. Go back to the “control interface” just now, and you can see that the original “AirPlay” location has become the name of the Coocaa TV device, which proves that the connection is successful and the screen projection is successful.

Method Two:

  1. This method can be used even if the device does not support AirPlay mirroring. Open the Dangbei market on the TV, enter LBTP to open the music broadcast screen
  2. After opening, remember the device name in the upper left corner, find and click to select under the AirPlay option of the phone  3. After the connection is successful, the mobile phone interface will be projected to the TV interface.
  3. Method three:
  4. This method is limited to Xiaomi products. Open the screencasting artifact in your phone
  5. The TV or box must be connected to the same local area network as the mobile phone, and the screen can be successfully projected to the TV after connecting.  In this article, Qiji introduces several ways to cast the screen to the TV. Let’s try it quickly. Using these methods, you can connect the mobile phone to the TV, and you can see the information on the mobile phone when you connect it to the TV.

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