Screen mirror lagging test tool-Ping command

Screen mirror lagging test tool

Since 2003, AWIND has been deeply involved in the field of wireless screen mirroring for 16 years. Our technical department has been working hard to develop products that meet the needs of users. For wireless projection, the stability and real-time performance of projection are very important. Today, the editor of Awind will share the screen mirroring delay test tool-Ping command test with you.

screen mirror lagging test tool

Computer screen mirroring

Ping command test preparation: complete the screen mirroring connection.

1. Connect the wireless screen mirroring box to the large display screen via HDMI cable;

2. Built-in the wireless screen mirroring device into the company network, plug the wireless screen mirroring box into the Internet cable and the computer is in the same local area network [At this time, an IP address will appear on the standby interface, such as];

3. Plug in the USB button on the computer. When the indicator light is always on, we press the button and the computer screen is mirrored to the big screen.

At this time, our computer opens a local video or network video and then tests.

Wireless screen mirroring network delay Ping command test:

Windows computer: Start-enter CMS and enter-enter the command prompt interface-enter Ping【space】 enter.

This is where the real-time data of the network test should appear.

Screen mirroring delay test tool


Ping has 32 bytes of data:

Reply from byte=32 time <1msTTL=64

Reply from byte=32 time <1msTTL=64

Reply from byte=32 time <1msTTL=64

Reply from byte=32 time <1msTTL=64

(The lower the PING value of the network delay, the faster the speed) 1~30ms: extremely fast, almost no delay is detected, playing any game is particularly smooth.

The screen mirroring delay test tool is shared with you here. In fact, the Ping command can not only test the delay in the screen projection process, but also can be used to test your own network speed. We can know our IP address by clicking [IP] on Baidu, just replace it with your own IP address. Start—Enter CMS and press Enter—Enter the command prompt interface—Enter Ping【space】IP address—Press Enter.

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