RTSP transceiver multi-screen co-display scheme supports synchronous display of 16 screens

Simultaneous display scheme for 100 devices of live server

AWIND has developed a new multi-device screen solution that can be used for up to 100 devices. It can be used in paperless office and multimedia teaching.


All devices are on the same LAN (an additional server is required), and all AWIND wireless projectors and smart devices (computers, phones, tablets) are connected to the LAN.

Function realization:

This scheme can realize the simultaneous display of the contents of the large display screen and the smart devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet) in the LAN, with the number up to 100.

Setup steps:

  1. Open the live server to generate RTMP push stream address (hypothesis: and RTSP receiving address (
  2. Setting of sending terminal.

Normal projection demonstration:

Connect one of the AWIND wireless projectors to the big screen (the speaker’s big screen) via HDMI. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers for wireless screen projection demonstration.

RTMP push stream to other devices: Log in to the background setting RTMP push stream address of AWIND wireless projector and click push stream (PS: open the browser and input the IP address of wireless projector background, enter the default password 12345678, enter the background, fill in in the ADDRESS column of RTMP to open RTMP push stream).

  1. Receiver setting

Log in the background of other AWIND wireless projector to set up multi-screen co-display RTSP receiver. Also in the background, fill in in the RTSP column.

Smart devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets) download VLC player software, open streaming player, input RTMP or RTSP player address, and receive pictures.

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