RTSP receiving and sending multi-equipment presentation simultaneously

one-to-many screen-casting


This plan can realize the simultaneous presentation contents of the  screen with the screen and smart equipment (computers, phones and pad) in the LAN, with the number up to 16.


All equipment are on the same LAN.


  1. Connect one AWIND wireless presentation system to the screen 1 through HDMI, and set RTSP sending multi-screen presentation simultaneously;
  2. Connect all AWIND wireless presentation system and smart equipment (computer, phone, pad) to the LAN;
  3. Login to the background of other AWIND wireless presentation system to set RTSP receiving multi-screen presentation simultaneously;
  4. Smart equipment (computer, phone, pad) download VLC player software, open streaming player, and input RTSP player address;

Equipment List:

Awind wireless presentation systemAwind wireless presentation system