Reverse control of wireless presentation screen

Reverse control of wireless presentation screen

“Hello, I’d like to put the computer wirelessly into one machine and control the computer in reverse, ok?”

“Yes, our [AWIND] wireless projector supports reverse control. To use it, simply connect the projector to the larger screen via an HDMI cable and plug the USB key into your computer at the touch of a button. This is everything we do on the big screen, and it’s on the computer at the same time.”

Wireless screen presentation and reverse control is a common situation in the conference room and multimedia classroom. This article mainly introduces to you that in the conference room or multimedia classroom, while the computer is projecting the big screen, we can carry out reverse control to the computer on the big screen.

There are several conditions required to realize wireless screen projection and reverse control:

  1. The wireless projector supports reverse control. The average home TV box is not supported, and even a home screen that supports reverse control is not very good (many people use a home screen in a conference room and say it doesn’t work well).
  2. The large screen is the touch screen. The so-called reverse control, generally on the touch screen for demonstration, reverse control small screen;
  3. The transmitter must be Windows (laptop, desktop, Surface) or tablet (Android or Apple). It’s not even supported on cell phones.
  4. The screen projection protocol used is the Miracast and Airplay screen mirror and the DLNA push mode does not support reverse control.

Through AWIND’s conference projector, we can also achieve computer reverse control of mobile phones, mobile phones control mobile phones, and other multi-screen interaction of the coveting operation.

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