Reasons and solutions for the freezing and delay of wireless screen mirroring

Reasons and solutions for the freezing and delay of wireless screen mirroring

At present, on the Internet, we can often see some netizens complaining about the common problems of poor screen mirroring effect such as “screen mirroring screen will be blurred”, “screen stuck or interrupted from time to time”, and “picture delay is relatively high”.

Reasons and solutions for the freezing and delay of wireless screen mirroring

Multimedia classroom screen mirroring

There are several reasons for these problems:

1. Did not choose the right screen mirroring software: Most netizens use free screen mirroring software, and most free screen mirroring software is only Miracast protocol screen mirroring. The Miracast protocol that is free and open source actually has many problems, otherwise it is professional Do the leading wireless screen mirroring device manufacturers and wireless projection software developers have no place?

2. Did not choose the right wireless screen mirroring device: wireless screen mirroring devices are currently divided into consumer-grade (home use) and professional-grade (conference rooms, multimedia classrooms) equipment, because the prices of professional-grade business and education screen mirroring devices are all More than RMB, many meeting rooms and multimedia classroom users hope to use cheap home equipment to complete screen mirroring. A device that can only be used to watch TV, can be used in formal business meeting rooms or multimedia classrooms without getting stuck?

This article will tell you what to do and let you solve the trouble

Meeting room screen mirroring

After understanding the reasons, we will find that 90% of the problems can be solved easily by ourselves

1. If we are only watching TV with our own personal home screen mirroring, some free screen mirroring software on the Internet can fully meet our needs. Of course, there will be occasional stuttering and blurred screens. Since it is free, we can only accept Right.

2. If we are a professional conference room screen mirroring, then we must choose professional conference room, multimedia classroom dedicated wireless screen projector equipment. Take the AWIND wireless projector as an example. After testing, the general projection delay is within 60 milliseconds, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. It needs to be tested through a professional projection delay test method.

AWIND wireless projection screen mirroring use

1. Connect the receiving end of the wireless screen projector to the large screen through an HDMI cable;

2. Plug the key transmitter (USB, HDMI, Type_C) into the computer, tablet, mobile phone and other transmitter devices, and press the button on the key.

(PS: USB is mainly for computers; HDMI is for multimedia devices with HDMI output, such as computers, video booths, set-top boxes, DVDs, camcorders, etc.; TYPE-C is mainly for computer phones and tablets with TYPE-C video output, which can support Two-way counter-control)


Reminder: As a professional manufacturer of wireless screen projectors with a history of 17 years, AWIND has contacted the online customer service and passed the actual test. The decision is yours.

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