Does it really matter that the wireless projector is drive-free?

Does it really matter that the wireless projector is drive-free?

Drive-free and drive wireless projection difference in the sending end, that is, the computer is generally used, mobile phones, tablets and other devices projection is not required to use this button; Generally speaking, there are only a few differences.

The difference between drive-free for wireless projection

  1. The difference in the definition:drive-freewireless projector to send the end is often said in the industry HDMI keys, and inevitable drive send end is the current high usage of USB keys.
  2. Interface differences: There are two interfaces, a USB interface and a power interface, for the driveless wireless projection device.
  3. The difference in use: unavoidable sending end (USB key) in use, according to the user needs, press the button on the screen, press the button on the disconnect screen. The drive – free button is plugged into the computer to run automatically.
  4. Functional difference: AWIND drive-freebutton can be directly extended screen projection, while the non-drive free button needs to be set in the background for extended screen projection, the difference is not big.

5, the price difference: the price difference is not big, AWIND drive-free wireless projector transmitter than inevitable drive is also more expensive on dozens of yuan.

Does it really matter that the wireless projector is drive-free?

This usually depends on the user’s needs. Like some special circumstances or the device needs to use the driver free wireless projection device button, such as camera, high shot instrument as the signal end device, the need to use the driver free transmission terminal button, and most users will use the non-driver press the button for wireless projection, just press.

Special reminder: do not force the use of the drive free button, also said in front, the drive free button needs to be adapted to the power supply, Windows laptop can be used directly, and MAC, desktop computers need to be equipped with a charger as an external power supply.

Anyhow: everything will choose from applicable Angle, whether avoid drive, still get actual situation specific analysis.

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