How do you project computer images onto your phone or TV

How do you project computer images onto your phone or TV

Most people know how to project a phone screen onto a computer or TV screen, but few know how to project a computer screen onto a phone, or a phone onto another phone or tablet. Here are two very useful software that not only supports screen projection but also one-way reverse control.


MirrorOp receiver     &     MirrorOp  Presenter

wireless sender

The former is receiver software, the latter is sender software. Both apps support Windows, MAC OS, ios and Android. In other words, as long as the smart devices of these systems can realize the projection screen of each other.

Next, we try to put Windows COMPUTER screen onto the phone. First, we install MirrorOp Sender on the computer and MirrorOp Receiver on the phone. We must make sure that cell phones and computers are on the same LAN.

Let’s first open the receiver software on the phone and enter into the following interface.

Next, we open the sender software in the computer and connect the phone. Click the projection.

This allows us to project the screen onto the phone and control the computer through the touch screen, making it ideal for gamers and for live web celebrity, personal entertainment and small conferences, presentations, training and interactions.

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