How can a computer screen projection of one to two?

I’m going to share with you the traditional way of putting two screens on a computer. Take PC with Win10 system as an example:

  1. The video card interface of a computer is VGA and HDMI, which connect the external monitor to the video card interface.
  2. Click [Control Panel options] with the mouse and right-click on the desktop. Click Display Settings.
  3. Select “Expand these monitors” in the multi-monitor column and click the second gray option.

4, select this grey screen, you can display another screen Settings, [adjust brightness level], [direction], [multi-monitor type], [Advanced Display Settings]……

  1. [Multi-monitor type] This needs to be set to [expand these monitors], click [Advanced Display Settings], and the resolution should be the same as the first one.

One-to-many wireless projection screen

For example, this user only needs to display a computer on the projector in two different meeting rooms at the same time. In fact, there are many solutions. Here is the simplest way.

  1. Connect two wireless projection devices to the projector via HDMI cable;
  2. The two wireless projection devices are built into the company’s LAN;
  3. Choose APP as the signal transmitter, so it needs to be installed on the computer in advance;

【USB small electronic devices need to be paired up, so it is more convenient to choose APP when we go to different meeting rooms. 】

  1. Double-click the driver APP to display the computer screen on the projector in two different meeting rooms. In fact, the current conference room reform is no longer satisfied with the traditional kind of “political class” meeting, but the modern conference mode in which everyone speaks up and casts his/her vote whenever he/she wants.