AWiND MirrorOp Receiver for iOS

Short Description:

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Mirrorop receiver is a mobile phone screen receiving software, which aims to provide a transmission platform for users. Through this software, users can easily connect to computers, projectors, tablets and other terminals to realize remote control!

Profile of mirrorop receiver:

This application must be used with the MirrorOp screen.

Ever wonder if you can use an Android phone or tablet to run Windows or Mac?

Try the MirrorOp screen-side application.

Mirrorop receiver features:

After installing this application on your Android phone or tablet, install the MirrorOp screen terminal on the device you want to control, and your Android device can remote control them.

So you can open Windows on Android? Internet Explorer browsed the web on a 7 PC, or enjoyed great video and audio on a Mac, or even played games on an android tablet that only worked on a high-performance computer.

Use steps:

1. Download and install this screen receiver on your android device.

2. Download and install Windows/MAC screen emitters on your computer.

3. Confirm that the transmitter and receiver are located in the same area network.

4. Open the android device receiver.

5. Open the Windows/MAC transmitter and it will scan the android device receiver.

6. The connection will be automatically connected after clicking.

7. After the connection is successful, press Play to start the projection.

8. Screen receivers on android devices can also be used for remote operation of Windows and MAC platforms.

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