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AWiND A-810 + wireless conference collaboration system

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AWiND A-810+ is used in the large meeting room wireless presentation system, wireless connectivity to the screen, support 16 people connected at the same time, displayed on the screen in four users, thus forming many brief discusses interactive collaboration, with host mode and function of central control equipment, provide two button module, and enhance the function of security, multicast screen display, mobile phone screen, and live RTMP push flow and RTSP protocol. Share from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can easily connect to the visual system of the conference room with one click. Whether it is a laptop, a device with an HDMI output port such as a set-top box, a video booth, a video camera, or a mobile device using iOS and Android systems, it can be shared. Thanks to AWiND, meetings become more efficient, more interactive, and decision-making easier.

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Awind-Wurekess-wireless-presentation-system-A810 Awind-Wurekess-wireless-presentation-system-A810
AWiND-810+       Main Technical Parameters
Operation System Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 32 and 64 bit
MAC OS X 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12 and above
Support smart phone wireless mirroring
Compatible with airplay function, iOS9 / iOS10 / iOS11, OS X 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12 and above are recommended
Android 5.0 and higher (requires APP)
Hardware specifications 1xHDMI interface,1xVGA interface,1×3.5mm audio interface, 1xUSB interface, 1x12V1A power interface
Video input resolution Up to 4K/3840×2160
Video output resolution Up to 1080p/1920×1200
Frames Up to 30 frames per second
Video out The same content can be output through HDMI or VGA, and the output resolution can be different
Display scale Ratio of equality, 4:3,16:9,16:10
Extended desktop wireless projection Support
Screen casting process resolution and display scale can be amended Support
Pin code Support
Under the same network segment, the mobile phone automatically searches for multiple receiving devices and screens Support
Also displays the number of source ends Max 4
Number of simultaneous access source terminals Max 16
Receiver host routing function Support
WIFI Support(2.4G/5G), Built-in
Device access displays device user name and type Support
Audio output 44.1KHz/16bit stereoAudio output via HDMI embedded audio and 3.5mm analog line audio
Voice sharing Screen share, computer no sound, display side automatically share sound
Wireless transmission protocol IEEE 802.11ac/802.11n
Wireless transmission rate Up to 867Mbps
Wireless transmission distance Up to 30 meters
Wireless transmission band 2.4 GHz or 5 GHzDefault 5GHz
Usage Insert USB or HDMI button to connect automatically, run automatically, share with one key, no need to install software on PC, no need to occupy the computer wi-fi
Transmission delay average delay is less than 100m/s
Reverse control Support touch 16 reverse control
Vertical screen mode Support 90°and 270° steering
Centralized control Conference mode, centralized management of equipment
Live RTMP push stream Support
RTSP client reception Support
Multi-screen display Wired,wireless
Boot, standby screen customization Support
WEB management interface Support
Modify frequency band and channel Support
Number of channels to choose 9(5G)/11(2.4G)
Amend the video output resolution Support
Amend name and password of WiFi Support
Power/ Consumption host:12V/1A,current Consumption 5W;button:5V/500mA,current Consumption 1.5W。
Temperature range store:+5°C ~ +40°Crunning:-20°C ~ +60°C
Humidity range store:0 ~ 90% relative humidity,RHrunning:0 ~ 90% relative humidity,RH

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