Awind Wireless Presentation System

Awind focused on wireless presentation, digital home, phone, flat-screen image, wireless sharing interactive areas of cooperation, is committed to wireless networks (Wireless), multimedia audio (Multimedia), embedded system(Embedded System), Windows/WinCE/Mac with Microsoft’s new operating system Vist (Windows Vista) technology research and development, not only has a number of leading key core technology and patent, launched more adept in the rapid integration of advanced related products.AWIND has proven to the industry for its strong design and integration capabilities on hardware, embedded firmware, wireless networking and software for Windows, Mac, Mobile, and Linux.
Specialized in wireless IP-based multimedia applications, AWIND outstands itself via broadcasting technologies. AWIND positioned itself as a system integrator / solution provider with strong IC chip, software and manufacturing partners. It can solve the wireless screen sharing,Wireless Presentation System screen mirroring, multi-screen interaction and interactive collaboration problems of Windows, Android, Apple, iPad, HDMI and other multimedia devices.