Plug and play projection with one click

Plug and play projection with one click

Most display screens today are projectors, LED screens, all-in-one business machines and TVs, while most signal-side devices are laptops, computers, mobile phones and tablets. If it’s just a simple [point-to-point projection], we can pursue one-click projection, plug-and-play.

There are software APPs and hardware devices for one-touch projection, software you can download free APPs online, and today I’m introducing you to the one-touch projection USB wireless screen projector. A key projection, plug and play, sounds perfect, what is the truth?


One key projection plug and play

Connection method.

Connect the receiving end of the wireless screen projection box via an HDMI cable.

Plug the USB signal transmitter into our laptop, PC computer and press!

Android phones can also be projected directly through multi-screen interaction, and Apple phones can also be projected directly through screen mirroring.

The first time we connect the wireless screen casting box, the computer side plugged in, it will not take more than a few minutes, later when we are in the USB small computer, just plug it in, click on the line, it is only a matter of seconds, a key projection plug and play, but not “drive-free”.


About “drive-free”

The USB small electronic wireless screen projector, some people have been asking if it is drive-free, some people have been struggling with the need to press it, today we will popularize the “drive-free”.

In fact, this kind of “drive-free” actually means that the operating system comes with its own driver, so you don’t need to install the driver by yourself, similar to a USB flash drive, and it is not what users think. It is not “no driver” as users think.

Now there are two kinds of USB small electronic senders, one is the ordinary USB small electronic, plugged in, need to be inside my computer [equivalent to a U disk], and then in it need to double-c


lick the icon to install, and then press the cast screen; there is a small HDMI electronic, plugged in will automatically drive, the software installed in itself [USB small electronic], the user only need to press the button.

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