Does the phone screen into the TV leave a record?

Does the phone screen into the TV leave a record?

As we all know, there will be historical records of watching TV and browsing websites on mobile phones. Watching TV directly on smart TVS will also produce playback records. Then will mobile screen TVS leave records?

The answer is: whether there is a record on the TV side depends on how the screen is projected.

For example, iQIYI, Tencent, youku and other playback software directly used screen projection, there will be watching records in the screen projection software of the TV. As we all know, when we share our Tencent account with others, we can also see the broadcast history.

The record is only displayed on the mobile phone, but there is no record playing on TV. The screen image is in the form of LAN. Even if there is no network, we can watch the local video of the mobile phone through the screen image.

DLNA is not supported on many mobile phones now. DLNA pushes to THE TV and only records on the mobile phone. DLNA is one of the smoothest ways to display video, but now most mobile phones do not support DLNA, opting instead for Miracast multi-screen interaction, the broadest spectrum of users.

The use of boxes, wireless screen projection devices and other TV ends will not form a playback record, but the business wireless screen projection device at the end of the screen projection, there is a one-key note saving and one-key cleaning function.

Ok, see here, friends should understand, most mobile screen TV is not there to play records, friends do not have to worry about privacy issues; Even if the screen projection software has playback records, in the play interface to delete it, it is not very troublesome.

Select the player we need to clear, and open the player – MyPersonal Center – Record – clear.

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