How to operate pad screen to TV can be cast interchangeably

How to operate pad screen to TV can be cast interchangeably

Electronic technology is now so advanced that many padts download movies that can be streamed directly to the TV. For pad-panel projection televisions, the operation of different devices varies. Below by the AWIND teach you how to screen the screen to the TV how to operate can be intercast.

Pad screen projection to the TV

  1. Download and install the APP

No matter your padt is Android or ios, or your computer is Windows 7 or 10, MirrorOp can be installed. Your mobile phone (Android/ios) can be downloaded from the corresponding app market, and your computer can be downloaded from the official website.

  1. Connect to the Internet

To connect padts, computers, etc. to the same network, it can be a wired connection router, a wifi connection router, or in the absence of a router, a hotspot connection.

Note: If the other device is found, the network connection can be judged as successful: start MirrorOp, “Settings” in the upper right corner, search mode — public mode (automatic search when connected to the same network)

  1. Check the device and start projection

One-cast one realization method: Check the device and click “Screen projection” to realize that the screen of one device can appear on another device;

One-cast multi-implementation method: Check multiple devices and click “Cast screen” to realize a screen appearing on multiple devices.

There are mainly wireless and wired ways to put screen TV into mobile phones

  1. Wireless connection

The first thing you need to do is make sure your TV is smart. In addition, padts and TVS need to stay on the same WiFi network. Apple and Android devices are slightly different.

  • Apple devices

Swipe up from the bottom of the padt screen to open the “Control interface” and click the “AirPlay Mirror” option to directly see the name of the TV. After clicking the TV, the screen of the phone will be displayed.

  • Android devices

Take a pad as an example. First, open the Wireless Display or Miracast app on a TV, and then open the Wireless Display in the wireless connection mode of the pad. Then, the name of the TV will appear on the pad, which can be displayed on the same screen with the TV after successful connection.

  1. Wire connection

The cable connection needs to use the HDMI or VGA interface of the TV, among which the HDMI interface needs to have MHL function. It refers to the Mobile High-Definition Link of the Mobile terminal, which usually has this logo on the interface. There’s also the need for MHL support, but it seems to be getting less and less recently.

  • Apple devices

Apple devices need to use Lightning DIGITAL audio converter or Lightning-vGA converter, the official price is 388 yuan, and you can use an HDMI/VGA cable to connect to the TV.

  • Android devices

Android padts require a dedicated MHL cable, which is a bit cheaper than the Lightning converter above and USES a similar connection.

Pad screen projection to the TV how to operate can be intercast, qiqi for you to introduce here. The screen projection method is different for different devices. Lack of common sense in life is a very difficult thing, in order to help more netizens, we have compiled a lot of life knowledge.

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