One computer multi screen solution, supporting 16 screen multi screen interaction

One compu ter multi screen solution

With the reform of smart classrooms, smart classrooms and other modern classrooms,

The market demand for multi screen interaction is growing,

Awind’s wireless projection screen is mainly aimed at “business education field”.

What should we do?

This task naturally falls to every employee in the R & D team,

With the unremitting efforts of every R & D team, awind’s “one machine multi screen solution” has been officially released.

[one computer multi screen scheme] 16 screens can be displayed synchronously, and 16 screens can be displayed in two modes without interference.

This is the effect video


Synchronous image of 16 screens: display the screen of a computer synchronously on 16 display screens.

16 screens do not interfere with each other: the screen of a computer is displayed on 16 display screens synchronously,

Each screen can operate independently and display different contents,

In short, it is to display the content on a specific screen.

One computer multi screen solution

Awind display


Through awind’s multi screen interactive server,

The screen content of a computer is displayed on multiple screens within the acrobatic LAN of wireless projection gateway.


One computer multi screen solution

(one computer with multiple screens, synchronous image display)


Awind odd machine [computer one machine multi screen scheme] consists of:

One multi screen interactive server, each screen is connected to each wireless projection gateway through HDMI cable,

Built in access to the company LAN.

In short, users only need to connect the wireless projection gateways with network cables,

The wireless projection gateway is connected with the display screen through HDMI cable, which can realize the demand of one computer controlling multiple display screens for multi screen interaction.



(one computer with multiple screens does not interfere with each other)


The significance of awind


1. One computer instead of multiple computers can display multi screen content at the same time;

2. Each screen is truly independent and does not interfere with each other.

Of course, it can switch to “multi screen simultaneous display” in minutes;

3. Simple operation, one button free switching, fast and accurate;

4. Strong expansibility, integration of the original computer, internal and external network isolation,

Easy to achieve [multi screen display] or [mutual interference];

5. Wireless transmission is no longer limited by the cable;

6. Centralized management and control, the starting point of the “one computer multi screen solution” is to meet the multi screen interactive needs of smart classroom teachers in the classroom;

7. Multi screen interactive server adopts server high performance configuration.

The purpose of awind Qiji enterprise is “everything starts from the needs of users”,

Adhere to the principle that the simpler the user is, the more practical the better, and the more stable and better the scheme effect.

Since its establishment in 2003, we have focused on wireless sharing and collaboration for 16 years.

We are professional in wireless sharing cooperation.

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