About the old TV radio Presentation

About The Wireless Presentation of old TV

The netizen asks: “the presentation definition is better, the best is 4K. My TV is the LCD TV of ten years ago, but I can’t connect the wireless one.”

I just want to say that most of the screen resolution is 1080P. Users shouldn’t be talking at 4K resolution. From a professional point of view, users should pay more attention to stability and fluency at present.

4K resolution

As I have said many times before, to truly realize 4K presentation, you must support 4K from the source, player, projector, cable, and display. Only in this way can you see the real 4K screen, which is indispensable. I can clearly say that the price of the projector that supports true 4K screen output in China is more than 10,000 yuan. If the user expects the 100 free packages to support 4K output, forget what I said, most of them are 4K input rather than output. Some 4K TVs in China are not real RGB4K, but RGBW fake 4K.AWIND screen projector mainstream support 1080P definition, 4K screen projector is there? Yes, and there are many models, the price is relatively high.

Interface problem with the old TV presentation screen

Old TVs are all VGA interfaces because there is no HDMI interface. After wireless screen presentation, there is no sound in the mirror mode. Only when DLNA pushes, the screen presentation content is limited. So that users need to use 3.5mm audio cable to connect external playback devices such as speakers.
Mirror mode: The mobile phone and TV display images simultaneously.

DLNA push: The mobile phone USES the TV presentation inside the video APP. Like iQIYI, Youku, Tencent… The TV logo presentation of a program on a TELEVISION program.

Stability and fluency issues

I have also tested several products before, the price is between dozens to 200 yuan, the household also pushes mode, can be used normally, mirror, review just two words: “haha”. So you get what you pay for is the eternal truth. When choosing a home screen presentation, choose the seller who supports the trial. Because it is good or not, everyone’s logo is not the same, only after they used to know.

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