No sound screen mirroring iphone

No sound screen mirroring iphone

Yesterday, a dealer from Shenzhen came to us for inspection, and during the conversation, we talked about the problem of no sound on Android phone screen casting.

Android phone cast screen TV why no sound

No sound screen mirroring iphone

Android phone cast screen TV


The core design idea of the Android security architecture is that, by default, all applications do not have permission to operate with greater impact on other applications, systems or users. This includes reading and writing private user data (contacts or emails), reading and writing other application files, accessing the network or preventing the device from being on standby, etc. The most important function of the phone is voice communication, and Android takes full account of the security of the phone’s voice, so it does not allow other applications to access the phone’s voice data, thus ensuring that calls are not intercepted. It is also due to this reason that when our mirroring program is running on the phone side, it is regarded as a third-party insecure application, thus unable to get the phone’s voice, resulting in Android phone casting without sound.

Why do some Android phones cast screen TV with sound?

There are cases of sound: one is using DLNA push technology to cast screen [streaming media playback], and the other is using Bluetooth technology to transmit the sound to the big screen audio device.

Using DLNA push technology to cast screen: contemporary video playback software, such as Akiyon, in the playback interface of the [TV] logo cast screen, is the use of DLNA push technology, the program’s resources pushed to the TV set, so that the TV set is playing when there is sound.

Using Bluetooth technology: When Android phones use other ways to mirror cast screen with the computer, that is, when the interface of Android phones and TV is synchronized display, Android phones in the playback of audio and video is no sound, most of the current practice is to transmit the sound to the big screen audio device through Bluetooth technology.

Android phone casting TV DLNA push and mirror casting difference

DLNA push: the phone will play the program resource address pushed to the TV, and then we can go to the phone to brush friends, chat WeChat, do not interfere with each other. But this kind of casting screen, need [program resources] support DLNA, on the other hand, this kind of casting screen is not continuous playback, and can not automatically play the next episode.

Mirror casting screen: Android phones through the casting screen software or casting screen equipment, so that the phone screen and TV screen synchronization display effect, this case is mostly used to play games.

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