Do we need a wireless sharing for Win10 mirror?

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Do we need a wireless sharing for Win10 mirror?

      Win10 wireless display has a variety of ways. Its Miracast function, software and wireless display can all turn a computer screen wireless sharing a large screen. But wireless screen sharing are surely a simpler and faster way.

wireless display windows 10

 Computers don’t support wireless display

    The Miracast screen feature in Windows 10 requires support from the computer’s display card, network card and system, which is not supported by most computers.

    In most cases, wireless display software  is only suitable for home users, because we have to agree to the agreement during the use of wireless display, and there are security risks. It is also clear to users how the stability of the wireless display is compared with that of the wireless presentation system. Delays and screen splicing occur from time to time.

wireless presentation solution

There is a lack of compatibility

    Most of the current wireless display software is not compatible, such as Windows7 system does not support wireless display software.

Advantages of wireless presentation system

  1. Wireless presentation system is simply a bridge for multiple screens to interact with each other. No matter whether the computer itself supports the wireless display protocol or not, we can use wireless presentation system to meet the needs of users.
2. As a professional wierless presentation device, the stability of the wireless presentation system device is needless to say. If it is unstable, users will not spend high economic costs.
3. There are no conditions for the use of the wireless presentation system device, which is more suitable for business use in terms of safety.
4. Simple to use, there is no threshold. The purpose of the wireless presentation system is to improve the efficiency of the meeting. The whole use process of AWIND wireless presentation system is within one minute, with almost no threshold for use, and anyone can operate and maintain it correctly.
5. Multi-compatibility
In the BOYD meeting room, our phones, pads, laptops and computers can be used quickly without any compatibility problems.
By contrast, having a professional wireless presentation system can greatly improve the efficiency of a meeting, so most meeting rooms need a wireless presentation system.

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