Multiple phones are being upgraded to the larger screen at the same time

Multiple phones are being upgraded to the larger screen at the same time

  Multiple devices display large screen at the same time, the current mainstream display is 4 split screen display, that is, support 4 devices display at the same time. But with the market demand, AWIND in the market research found that many users are not satisfied with the 4 split screen display, for this AWIND launched nine screen display wireless projection. Nine split screens means that between one and nine devices are being cast at the same time, and the screen size is split adaptively.

Tips: When nine mobile phones are projected at the same time, the big screen is usually spliced screen, mainly the general all-in-one machine. Even the 200-inch screen is crowded, but spliced screen becomes the perfect display screen.

Tutorial on screen projection

  1. Connect the A-900 wireless projector via HDMI cable.
  2. The mobile phone and the wireless projector are on the same LAN (the mobile phone is directly connected to the WIFI of the wireless projector or the wireless projector is plugged into the network cable, and the mobile phone is connected to the router WIFI).
  3. Android phones connect to the WIRELESS projector ID via ESHOW sender; Apple’s mobile phone connects to the ID of the wireless projector through its own screen image.

In turn, it supports the simultaneous screen projection of 9 mobile phones.

The AwinDA-900 wireless Projector also supports 16 devices for receiving content, which means that in addition to the large screen, it also allows mobile phones, tablets, computers, and wireless projection devices to receive content on the large screen.

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