Multi-screen interactive Application of wireless Projection in multimedia Classroom

Multi-screen interactive Application of wireless Projection in multimedia Classroom

Wireless projection in multi-screen interactive applications in multimedia classrooms is more interactive, more practical, more efficient, compatible with most of the intelligent teaching equipment, even the old equipment can meet the needs of multi-screen interactive applications. Therefore, the multi-screen interactive teaching mode becomes common in the teaching process.

Scene 1: Arbitrary switch of multi-channel video source, simple and efficient

In the multimedia classroom, there is a fixed computer output, in which the computer is wired to the display device and the mobile terminal (mobile phone, pad or laptop) is connected wirelessly. The switch between the two requires unplugging the line or switching by pressing the button, which is quite troublesome. AllShare has a unique HDMI input port. Wired input can be directly accessed without connecting devices. It has three ways to switch video sources, namely manual switching, automatic switching of wireless signal source priority or automatic switching of wired signal source.

Scene 2: The mobile terminal becomes a mobile video booth

In addition, in the classroom, the teacher needs paper documents in the hand of speech, and there is no fixed video booth installed in the classroom. At this time, our wireless projection equipment and the teacher’s mobile phone can form a set of mobile video booth. After the mobile phone is connected to the wireless projection device, the wireless projection device is connected to the display device, and the mobile phone is mirrored to the display device. At this time, the paper file content can be transferred to the display device anytime and anywhere just by turning on the mobile phone camera, so that students and teachers can have good interaction and communication.

Scene 3: During the experiment, we filmed and explained at the same time

In traditional physics and chemistry classes with strong experimental results, students will not be particularly impressed by the experimental effect. When the experimental process is displayed on a large screen by using mobile phones, cameras and other camera equipment, the teacher will explain the experimental process in detail while operating it. Students are more knowledgeable about what they are taught and learn more efficiently.

Scene 4: Mobile phone, pad teaching

After the wireless projection, the teacher’s mobile phone, pad and the big screen mirror synchronous display, the teacher can be in the mobile phone, tablet, big screen, teaching booth and other places to control, get rid of the three feet of the platform constraints, mobile teaching.

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