Multi-screen display, computer projection to 8 TVS

Multi-screen display, computer projection to 8 TVS

AWIND multicast makes it easy to project the computer onto 16 screens simultaneously. Since this user’s eight screens are not in conference rooms on multiple floors, a line multicast scheme is recommended.

Linear multicast:

Connect the projector to the corporate network through the cable, and then put all the wireless screens on the same LAN. The advantages are high stability and strong anti-interference.

Wireless multicast:

In the company covered by wireless WIFI, multiple sets of wireless projector are connected to the enterprise wireless network through WIFI of wireless projector, which is in the same LAN. The advantage is that there is no need to lay out the cable.

Hardware requirements:

8 AWIND wireless projectors and 8 HDMI cables (50cm — 70cm).

  1. Connect 8 sets of WIRELESS HDMI cables to 8 TV sets respectively;
  2. Set the primary and secondary relationship (we can help to set this when we deliver the goods)

In the background of AWIND wireless projector, we need to set one of the Settings (the one near the computer) as the main setting, the rest of the Settings can be turned on, and turn off DHCP(to avoid opening the phone and computer to search for too many devices).

  1. Plug the USB case into the computer and press the button when the USB key light is on, or download the Eshow sender software on the computer and start the APP connection.

Function of the advanced

  1. If our home screen is touch-enabled, anything we do on the home screen, such as handwritten notes, can be displayed on the other seven screens simultaneously.
  2. If we need to display it synchronously on the phone and tablet, just put the phone. When the tablet is connected to the LAN, enter the RTSP address of the main wireless projection device (currently only 16 phones and tablets are available). The display content of the phone and tablet can be synchronized with the large screen.

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