Multi-screen display 1-to-9 projection scheme

Multi-screen display 1-to-9 projection scheme

There is a multi-screen display scheme for the user consultation conference room. The requirements are as follows: “When a laptop displays a large screen, it requires simultaneous reception of 8 phones and tablets.”

AWIND gives the RTSP multi-device simultaneous display scheme: this scheme can realize the simultaneous display of large screen contents with various large screen and smart devices (computer, mobile phone, pad) in the LAN, with the number up to 16.

Many-to-many projection screen

Hardware requirements:

Laptop, company LAN, 8 mobile phones, pads, AWIND wireless screen projection machine.

Setup steps:

  1. Connect one of the wireless projection devices to the large screen through HDMI, and set multi-screen simultaneous display RTSP to send in the background of this wireless projection device;
  2. Connect all wireless projection devices and smart devices (computers, mobile phones and pads) to the LOCAL area network (only in the same local area network can the devices be searched);
  3. Login to the background of other wireless projection devices to set up multi-screen co-display RTSP reception;

Smart devices (PC, phone, pad) download VLC player software, open streaming player, and enter the RTSP player address.

(PS: A wireless projector can be connected to six smart devices. When there are more receiver devices, more wireless projection devices are needed to meet the connection requirements.)

Important points of the multi-screen display scheme:

RTSP set

RTSP setting may not be set if it is not a professional. AWIND wireless projector can be pre-set according to user needs when it leaves the factory, and video teaching can also be used to give users a good product experience.

On the same LAN

The premise of RTSP streaming is that multiple devices are on the same LAN. If the streaming is not successful, you can contact our online technology, or you can check whether the LAN is smooth.

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