how to setup a multi screen display?

Do you know how to set up a multi-screen display system? First of all, your computer to have an external multi-screen graphics card, and then on the monitor port connected to the multi-screen graphics card, connected to start setting the computer display mode, if you choose the screen extension mode, then you can achieve the effect of split screen.

Specific operation method

Assembling a multi-screen display system is actually not very difficult, the specific methods of operation brought to you by the strange machine is as follows.

1, the laptop is turned on, connect Ruiying external multi-screen graphics card.

2, the display UGA port connected to the multi-screen graphics card

3, set the display mode

Mode one, screen extension: select this mode, you can achieve the main screen and sub-screen split screen display, the two screens show different content, such as the production of documents on the main screen, sub-screen playback video screen

Mode 2, mirror display: can make the main screen and the secondary screen display synchronized content, suitable for PPT presentation documents, etc.

Mode 3, main and sub-screen switching: USB external multi-screen graphics card to support the main and sub-screen switching at will

Mode 4, screen rotation: the external graphics card supports left rotation, right rotation, inversion and normal 4 kinds of display effects

4, external multi-screen graphics card use occasions are mainly financial office workers, PPT large screen display, designers, stock securities personnel, family entertainment, etc., the actual application effect is very good. (Information provided by the strange machine website)

Multi-screen display system Support all pages dynamic background and background customization
Multi-screen display system

Interface terminal customization

1. Support module customization, software style customization, control style customization;

2. Support all pages dynamic background and background customization.

Page design assistance system

Add reference lines, grid system, and standard control library.

Multi-style control customization

1. Support control style selection;

2. Support independent bearing resources;

3. Support control dynamic effect binding.

Flip book module

1. Customize the book page;

2. Support automatic page turning.

Multi-functional global resource retrieval

1. Support multi-type resource retrieval;

2. Support dynamic layout of retrieved resources. (Information is provided by the website of Qiji)

Multi-screen display system Support dynamic background and background customization for all pages
Multi-screen display system

Function expansion

1. Product docking backstage, automatic registration and verification, terminal display product use status information;

2. Support multi-touch, sliding screen, dynamic binding;

3. Support module customization, you can develop the corresponding functional modules based on this framework according to customer needs.

At present, multi-screen display card is widely used in: monitoring, command, scheduling system; public security, fire, military, meteorological, railroad, aviation and other monitoring systems; video conference, query system, etc.

Large screen splicing (splicing computer graphics, splicing dynamic video) projection wall; public security, military, railroad, transportation, aerospace, post and telecommunications, satellite launch and other command and dispatch systems; graphic image editing, three-dimensional animation, multimedia design; process control in the industrial field; securities trading, futures, banking information display; CAD/CAM design, typesetting and editing systems, video graphics editing, etc.

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