Multi-screen conference, AWIND wireless screen projection “opportunity”

Multi-screen conference, AWIND wireless screen projection “opportunity”

The conference display industry is entering a “comprehensive and multi-dimensional” innovation era with “informationization” as the background, including display technology, application ecology and affiliated functional components, intelligent computing and AI software technology, etc. AWIND has been focusing on wireless sharing and collaboration since 2003. Since its establishment in 2003, AWIND has been focusing on the field of wireless sharing and collaboration, and in the era of the multi-screen conference, AWIND has ushered in its own opportunity.

According to the changing scenarios of conference room applications and changes in response to screencasting equipment, the wireless screencasting equipment of AWIND continues to improve and mature at the technical level.

Business screencasting application scenario simulation

Multi-screen conference, AWIND wireless screen projection "opportunity"

Multi-screen meeting, AWIND strange machine wireless projection screen “opportunity”

1、Multiple projections: multiple devices simultaneously cast to a large screen display

The wireless screencasting device supports 64 devices connected, but in the display is divided into 1-4 quad split-screen display and 5-9 nine-box display. The difference is that in the quad split screen state, each screen can be manipulated, for example, the screen size is free to switch, the screen display content, it is possible to hand-write annotations …… simply put, it can be operated by a human. Nine split-screen display most used to monitor.

2, a multi-display projection: a computer screen projection to multiple display screens

A multi-display projection has two display modes

One is the wireless screen projection device built into the company’s LAN, and then the conference room as long as the computer under the LAN can be projected through the device. Theoretically, this mode can be displayed by wireless devices, but it is limited by the network, so it is generally better for one to cast 1-16 displays.

The other is multicast

Can be done by casting multiple screen devices and display screens in series, so that the demand for a multi-display is completed. Like KTV, intelligent classrooms are operated in this way. Imagine one computer screen projected to 30 screens, will there be a delay in the network, will the sound be synchronized with the screen, etc.

Multi-screen conference, AWIND wireless screen projection "opportunity"

Multi-screen meeting, AWIND strange machine wireless projection screen “opportunity”

Projection equipment changes

In traditional conference rooms, most of the projection devices are laptops and desktop computers, and the receiving device is a projector. With the development of the times, now we not only require notebooks, desktop computers can cast screen, cell phones, tablets and other light office equipment also added to the conference room; receiving equipment are projectors, LED displays, intelligent conference tablet ……

AWIND strange machine wireless screencasting multi-compatible

On the device to support cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other devices that can be wirelessly connected to cast screen, while on the receiving end to support the large screen display with VGA, HDMI interface and wirelessly connected to the screencasting device.

System support for Android Android system, Apple IOS system, Windows system, Mac system.

The projection method supports Airplay screen mirroring, DLNA push, Miracast multi-screen interaction.

AWIND wireless screen casting creates a new meeting experience based on the traditional meeting model, allowing daily meetings without IT support and advance preparation, instant initiation, instant response, thus improving the efficiency of meeting discussions and speeding up the meeting process, allowing participants to focus on the meeting content itself, rather than being distracted by the meeting realization process. The process.

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