How much is the conference room wireless projector?

How much is the conference room wireless projector?

How much is the wireless screen in the conference room

The prices of other brands on the Internet will not be reviewed for the moment. AWIND has been making wireless screen projection for 17 years since 2003, and the product price ranges from thousands to ten thousand yuan. Generally, it recommends the corresponding conference screen projection based on user needs.

Price is also a clear price (PS: AWIND wireless screen projector price can refer to jingdong store).

AWIND conference wireless screen projection advantage

  1. Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service: online customer service and technical support. If you have any problem with the use of any product, you can contact our online customer service or online technology at any time.
  2. Quality assurance: 17 years of brand manufacturers, product quality assurance, 7-10 days of free trial support, 1-year warranty.
  3. Professional business contract: some special requirements of users shall be signed by both parties in the form of contract.

Some of the product configurations, I don’t want to describe, in the consultation process, the company will recommend the product relative to the user’s needs, right? First of all, it must meet the needs of users, or we would not recommend, even if the users get the product, can’t meet the needs, users will return it, right? That is a waste of time and delivery costs.

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