How much is a business wireless same screen device

How much is a Business wireless same screen device

As various ways of playing on the same screen are known to the majority of users, wireless on-screen devices are becoming more and more recognized by the public, whether it is for work, study or leisure and entertainment, wireless on-screen devices are vital equipment.

But at present, most people’s cognition of wireless co-screen devices only stays at the projection screen and watching TV, so it is necessary to introduce business wireless co-screen devices to everyone.


Business wireless screen device

Business wireless screen device

The price of business wireless same screen device is dozens of times that of general consumer grade

In shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay, search for a series of keywords such as business wireless screen device, wireless screen mirroring, wireless screen mirroring, wireless screen transfer, etc.

The price of the wireless screen device shown ranges from dozens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

However, as long as the professional-level projectors that support the use of conference rooms start at thousands of dollars,

Even tens of thousands of dollars. They are all wireless same-screen devices, the price of business wireless same-screen devices is dozens of times that of the general consumer level?

Business wireless screen device

Consumer screen projector VS Business wireless screen projector

Consumer-grade wireless screen projectors are generally small in size and easy to carry.

Because of their small size, they have a single function and poor performance, and are not suitable for office and learning environments.

Advantages: cheap, compact, easy to carry, and does not take up space.


1. The function is single, which can only realize the screen synchronization function between the display and the mobile phone, and cannot perform computer projection or other auxiliary functions.

2. The performance is poor, and the screen is prone to screen delays and unclear picture quality. It is not suitable for office learning, meeting rooms, classrooms or stage performances and other medium and large occasions, and it is impossible to achieve multi-screen display Multi-screen interactive.

3. The compatibility is relatively poor, and it is not possible to cast screens for some mobile phones or non-smart TVs.

Business wireless screen device

Business wireless same screen device is mainly aimed at business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms. Multi-system compatibility, long-term stable screen projection, low latency, and high fluency can only be counted as basic functions. If one of these basic functions fails to meet the corporate requirements, it will be eliminated by the market.

Business wireless same screen device is mainly with complete functions, multi-screen display, compatible with multiple systems and multiple platforms, iOS/Android/Mac/Windows, one shot, multiple,
Moderator mode and exclusive mode, speaker mode expansion screen, regular restart and switch machine,
Cross-network segment projection code projection, touch return, remote centralized control management, etc… Various special functions to meet the application of replicated business meeting room scenes and multimedia classrooms.

How much is a Business wireless same screen device?

In the age of paying for knowledge, professional things will only become more expensive. AWIND’s Business wireless screen device is very cost-effective, you can contact us for a price list

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