Why is the market for wireless screen mirroring still hot?

Mobile phones come with screen mirroring. Why is the market for wireless screen mirroring still hot?

The mobile phone comes with screen mirroring. Whether it is the wireless screen mirroring of Huawei mobile phones or the screen mirroring of Apple mobile phones, screen mirroring has become a standard configuration of smartphones. In addition, a variety of projection software is free to use, but looking at the entire market, wireless screen mirroring still occupies a large market share, suitable for the general public, and enduring. Why is this?

Wireless screen mirroring

wireless screen mirroring

(Illustration: 9 mobile phones are mirrored on a splicing screen at the same time, vertical screen, full-screen display)

Whether the mobile phone comes with screen mirroring or free screen mirroring software, it is still not easy for us in the actual use process. It not only requires various complicated settings but also has restrictions on network conditions and screen mirroring content. , The limitation of screen mirroring delay… Therefore, the screen mirroring function that comes with mobile phones is often ignored by users. In fact, how many users often use the wireless screen mirroring function that comes with their mobile phones?

As a professional screen mirroring device, a wireless screen mirroring device has a natural advantage compared to the built-in screen projection of mobile phones. (PS: Our AWIND is mainly engaged in professional-level screen mirroring in the “business and education field”. AWIND odd machine conference screen mirroring device is introduced as an example).

First: get rid of the shackles of the network environment

1. The device comes with an AP hotspot

The current wireless screen mirroring device generally includes a sending end and a receiving end. The sending end itself is a gateway that can send wireless signals and can build a local area network with the receiving end, so there is no need for an external network environment. Whether the network is disconnected or there is no WIFI, you only need to connect the mobile phone to the receiving end to realize wireless projection, which greatly guarantees the quality of the projection.

2. Support mobile phone with 4G data and wireless screen mirroring

Regardless of whether it is an Android phone or an Apple phone, as long as the phone itself can access the Internet, it can wirelessly project network resources to the large screen without affecting the normal use of meetings, offices, and teaching.

Wireless screen mirroring

Secondly: simple operation, one-key projection

In terms of operation, the wireless screen mirroring device is compatible with all kinds of device access at this stage, mobile phone wireless connection, Type_C interface connection, computer connection USB transmitter, one-key projection, no additional drivers, software, no wiring, no more Equipped with a cable adapter, the entire screen projection process can be realized in one minute, and the fast screen projection is more in line with the current fast-paced life.

Third: HD, low latency

Many people should have experienced that when we use the built-in wireless projection screen of the mobile phone or the projection software on the Internet, the delay makes us have to give up “projection”.

Fourth: Targeted user population

The main application field of professional-level screen mirrors is the “business and education field”, so it has a targeted user population.

Finally: the wireless screen mirroring device is not only a screen projection, based on the wireless screen mirroring function, expands an efficient collaboration system, multi-person simultaneous screen projection, screen projection screen division, switching, remote meetings, teaching, screen projection One-key scanning, and saving of records, centralized management, and control of multiple projection devices…Professional wireless projection devices, integrating various commercial functions, bring not only a convenient and efficient projection experience but also a convenient and efficient office experience.


Wireless screen mirroring

(Illustration: The mobile phone and computer are used as the sender, and the screen is cast on the mobile phone, notebook, and all-in-one at the same time)

In the final analysis, mobile phones come with screen mirroring, which cannot meet the needs of business meeting room users and cannot shake the market foundation of wireless screen mirrors in the business and education field. This is the fundamental reason why the wireless screen mirror market is still hot. If one day, free screen mirroring software can replace expensive wireless projection equipment, will anyone still spend money to buy projection equipment?

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