Why is there no sound in mobile phone screen mirroring

Why is there no sound in mobile phone screen mirroring

Recently, many netizens asked how to mirror the Android phone screen to the TV without sound.

Unified reply: “As long as your Android phone’s online resources screen is mirrored to the TV, there is no sound.” It has nothing to do with the TV and the phone, mainly because of the Android system.

The Android phone system shields the sound. However, there is sound on the phone.

If you have the condition, you can also use a Bluetooth speaker or use AWIND strange machine to support Bluetooth screen projector.

Phone screen mirroring

Local video has sound

When the mobile phone and the TV are in the same local area network; multi-screen interaction (some called wireless projection) is turned on on the TV; then the wireless screen mirroring (multi-screen interaction) is found in the Android phone settings, and the TV is connected; then the phone returns to the main interface ——Turn on the local audio and video.

At this time, the audio and video screen mirroring on the mobile phone has sound on the TV.

Method for wireless screen mirroring to realize full screen

Online video DLNA has sound

Prerequisite: Mobile phone and TV are in the same local area network.

Turn on wireless screen mirroring or multi-screen interaction on the TV; then turn on iQiyi, Tencent TV, and Huawei Video on the mobile phone, find the TV logo in the broadcast program, and use the TV logo screen mirroring to have sound on the big TV.

Because we are using the DLNA screen mirroring protocol at this time, the essence is to push the program resource address on the mobile phone to the TV, and the TV directly plays it according to the TV resource.

DLNA playback is smooth, but it needs the support of the TV program itself. In addition, it cannot automatically next episode and cannot cast screen bulletins.

Phone screen mirroring

Some screen mirrors of AWIND have sound

Some screen mirroring devices of AWIND are equipped with wireless Bluetooth function, which means that in addition to normal screen projection, the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone and the screen mirroring device are connected, and then there is sound when the Android phone mirrors the screen and mirrors the TV.

The connection method is as follows:

1. The wireless screen mirror box is connected to the large screen via HDMI cable (VGA cable does not support sound transmission, so the VGA cable must be connected with no sound). At this time, the standby interface of the screen projector should be displayed on the TV;

2. Turn on the built-in wireless screen mirroring function of the Android phone or use the exclusive sender App of the AWIND wireless screen projector (there is a QR code on the standby interface, scan it to download);

3. Connect the Android phone to the ID of the screen mirrorer box.

After the completion, the Android phone and the TV screen will display synchronously (no sound).

At this time, a Bluetooth connection request will automatically pop up. Select [Agree]. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, it will There is a sound.

Warm reminder: With this screen mirroring device, it doesn’t matter if the mobile phone and the projector are in the same local area network. Its effective projection distance is 15 meters, and it will automatically search for surrounding devices.

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