Awind control the wireless screen mirroring device of mobile phones

 Awind control the wireless screen mirroring device of mobile phones

I have seen a lot of touch-enabled conference tablets…

It can touch the conference tablet to control the Windows computer in reverse, we use it every day in the meeting…

AWIND as a professional screen mirroring device manufacturer, the above functions are all in pediatrics, and a screen return [Screen Anti-Control] can be easily done.

Today I will introduce to you that when our mobile phones and tablets are wirelessly projected on the large touch screen, we can reversely control the mobile phones and tablets on the touch screen (although we have sold this screen mirroring device for more than half a year, there are still Many customers don’t know if it is not, and the smell of wine is also afraid of the deep alleys.

If you have used this equipment, please don’t despise me for frying leftovers here.

Mobile phone screen mirroring big screen


Introduction of large touch screen and control phone

It sounds like an extension of the counter-control function of the screen.

It is nothing more than the addition of mobile phones and tablets from the previous Windows computers to the large-screen counter-control devices. But in actual use, we will find that the convenience is not a little bit.

Especially in some multimedia classrooms and small and medium-sized meeting rooms (when some large companies I have contacted have meetings, almost everyone has a laptop, but the small and medium-sized meeting rooms are more casual).

What’s so good about the touch feedback feature?

1. In the multimedia classroom

control the wireless screen mirroring device of mobile phones

When we cast mobile phones and tablets wirelessly on the big screen, although we got rid of the shackles of cables, some teachers reported that we need to bury our heads in controlling mobile phones during class.

When the function of the large-screen return control mobile phone came out, it was first favored by a large number of teachers.

At this time, they have entered the real “speaker mode” (mobile phones and large screens can be operated, and some classrooms have multi-screen interactive platforms, which can also be operated on multi-screen interactive platforms).

Mobile phone screen mirroring big screen

2. In the meeting room

Mobile phone screen mirroring big screen

Wireless screen mirroring is already a standard configuration in many meeting rooms nowadays.

Everyone is accustomed to wireless screen mirroring on mobile phones, tablets, and computers and then performing conference presentations. However, because they cannot control mobile phones and tablets, it is necessary to synchronize large and small screens (Save Meeting records), or when mobile presentations are needed, it still causes inconvenience-so many users to ask us to make screen mirrors that can support the control of mobile phones and tablets.

“Everything from the user’s point of view” corporate mission, let AWIND officially launch the large touch screen in June 2020, and control the wireless screen mirroring device of mobile phones. If you have any questions, please come to consult online customer service or online technical support.

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