The mobile phone radio-projection video is rotated 90°

The mobile phone radio-projection video is rotated 90°

When we put mobile phone screen to the other big screen, because the phone’s screen display ratio of 16:9, as a proportion of commonly used display is 4:3, leading to we phone screen in the middle of the large screen display only when a certain part of greatly affect the mobile phone screen experience, because the phone user urgent need wireless screen video rotate 90 °, with full screen display mode to improve the experience.

AWIND meets users’ demand of 90° for wireless video projection by installing a 90° free rotation setting inside the wireless projector.



Mobile phone, large screen, AWIND wireless projector, HDMI cable

Wireless projector rotation 90° setting

Cast screen wireless device via HDMI connection screen – mobile phones connect wireless for screen editor WIFI – open a browser, enter the IP address of the wireless voting screen bottom, enter the default account (admin), enter the default password (12345678) – the background setting, display Settings, rotate 90 ° rotating Angle (0,90,180,270 four values, we rotate it 90) – save – exit – cast screen restart wireless device.

Cast screen mobile phone

Android phone download ESHOW sender in advance — select the wireless Projection ID — The image of android phone is displayed on the big screen, and the screen is displayed in full screen. And it’s rotated 90 degrees.

The iPhone USES the built-in screen mirroring function — select the wireless projection ID — and the larger screen is also full screen and rotated 90°.

Meeting room and multimedia classroom are common application scenarios of mobile phone wireless projection video rotation of 90°. We can display the mobile phone in full screen on the big screen to facilitate meetings and teaching demonstrations. In fact, the mobile video is played on a portrait AD, and we have to rotate it by 90 degrees, otherwise the content will be very awkward.

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