MirrorOp Presenter Wireless Co-Screening Software Free Download

Those who have used AWIND’s wireless co-screener may know MirrorOp Presenter, a wireless co-screening software built into AWIN’s wireless co-screener. MirrorOpPresenter has two parts: the transmitter+ and the receiver.

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The main purpose of MirrorOpPresenter wireless co-screening software.

MirrorOpPresenter adds more flexibility for presenters and instructors by including a built-in viewer for displaying web pages, a built-in viewer for sharing non-digital content (such as printed materials or even 3D objects). New annotation tools are also introduced to help presenters highlight or write/draw any ideas that just pop up on presentation materials.

Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

Photos (JPG, PNG)


Live Camera


Annotation tools (electronic whiteboard)

MirrorOp Presenter Wireless Co-Screening Software

MirrorOpPresenter wireless co-screening software supported models.

Models that support MirrorOpPresenter co-screening software: wePresentWiPG-1000, WiPG-1500, WiPG-2000 and WiCS-2100 wireless co-screening devices. Since the software is built-in, users can use it for free with confidence.

How to connect MirrorOpPresenter wireless co-screening software.

Step 1: Pairing, MirrorOpPresenter wireless screen software has two parts: transmitter + and receiver, insert the transmitter (USB small electronic) into the receiver, wait for 10 seconds, the green light of the transmitter is long, that means the pairing is completed.

Step 2: Connect the receiving end to the display screen, and plug the transmitter USB port into the computer.

The third part: double click the driver icon, select the same screen mode, you can do the same screen. (MirrorOpPresenter itself is installed in the same screen device).

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