Mirrorop not working? What should you do?

Recently, some customers reported that after they downloaded and installed MirrorOp, MirrorOp did not work, and they don’t know how to solve the problem. Awind will tell you the solution to this problem below.

We need to find the source of the problem, what caused MirrorOp not to work,
We need to investigate one by one
First of all, is the program installed correctly?
1. Does the MirrorOp sender program you install correspond to your device? If your PC is installed with the windows system, but the MirrorOp you installed is a Mac, then it is wrong, of course you can’t install it either.
2. Does the installed MirrorOp receiver program correspond to your device?
3. Are the MirrorOP sender and receiver programs installed reversely? You originally installed the MirrorOp sender device, but you installed the MirrorOp receiver program, so there is no way to make your MirroOP work normally.

Secondly, is the device compatible with MirrorOp?
Some systems are not compatible with MirrorOp, such as Windows XP system, Linux system, etc.

Third, are the sending end equipment and the receiving end equipment in the same LAN?
Please make sure that these two devices are on the same LAN so that the same screen can be realized.

Some customers also reported: Changing MirrorOp Receiver windows size will cause the disconnection and may not be re-connected automatically.

It would show up with the black screen.

Please adjust windows size before mirroring. When you want to use full-screen mirroring, you’ll need to maximize the window before you start mirroring to avoid a black screen.

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