wireless screen mirroring windows 10

How do you mirroring your mobile phone onto a Windows 7/ 10 computer

wireless screen mirroring windows 10

The first is a direct link between mobile phone and computer (no APP or third-party hardware is required).

Realization of prerequisites:

1.Wireless coverage is a must.

2.Mobile phones and Windows 7 computers use the same wireless network (within the same LAN).

Computer terminal Settings

1.Enter Services.MSC (Microsoft Management Console) – Enter Windows services.

2.After entering the service, open Windows



For the above two services, right-click to set to start (auto).

3.Set up network

In Control Panel – Network and Internet- Network and Sharing Center, set the current computer’s wireless network type to Home Network.

4.Open windowsmediaplayer and click

(1)Allows remote control of my player

(2)Automatically allows the device to play my media

These two items, and keep windowsmediaplayer do not close. Select Allow among more stream options

5.After you’ve done this, you can turn on the multi-screen Settings and see that there’s already a discovery device

Advantages: Convenient connection, no need for third-party devices, no need to download APP

Disadvantages: 1, mobile phone power consumption is serious, 2, need to be familiar with computer software system.

The second is the Awind wireless presentation

wrirless presentation

Mobile phones and Windows 7 computers use the same wireless network (within the same LOCAL area network), the receiver and computer are linked together, the mobile phone through wireless connection with the screen device is generally ok.

Advantages: simple, easy to operate, high stability, no need to download APP, no need to install the system.

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