Mirror your Android phone or tablet to your TV’s screen, one-click screen mirroring is very convenient

Mirror your Android phone or tablet to your TV’s screen

In the past few days, many users have consulted about mirroring TV on laptop screens, some used it at home to learn online lessons, and some used it for meetings in conference rooms, but their common characteristics were: simple to use and clear projection effect , The stability is better

Facing these simple needs, AWIND will generally recommend the conference series A-100 wireless screen mirror to users.

Mirroring laptop screen to TV

Main features of A-100 conference screen mirror

1. Simple to use. After connecting the screen mirroring device to the large screen via the HDMI cable, plug the USB button into the notebook, wait for the indicator light to turn on, and then press the button. The whole process takes less than 1 minute, which is very suitable for users who need simple and fast screen mirroring.

2. Projection screen definition-1080P high-definition display. AWIND’s wireless projectors all support 1080P signal output.

3. High stability. AWIND’s wireless screen mirroring devices all use LINUX architecture, independently developed, and more stable. At present, Android boxes are the mainstream on the market (the LINUX architecture screen mirroring device manufacturers are few and far between). Android boxes use the Miracast screen mirroring protocol, which cannot avoid the undesirable phenomena such as blurring, mosaic, and delay. This is a problem with the Miracast screen mirroring protocol. It has nothing to do with the product.

Mirroring laptop screen to TV

The laptop screen is mirrored to the TV, one-click screen mirroring is very convenient

AWIND Qiji was established in 2003, with 17 years of brand guarantee, complete pre-sales and after-sales service systems, product support 7-10 days free trial and 1-year warranty service.

7-10 days free trial process

1. Communicate well with customer service and choose suitable equipment.

2. Sign the trial contract;

3. AWIND delivery (postage from the company);

4. Satisfied with the trial-change the trial contract to a purchase contract; if the trial is not satisfied, send the product back to AWIND company (delivered by the user).

Special statement: The products AWIND sends to every user are new products, please take care of it.

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